Above two beautiful villages

Above two beautiful villages


You arrive to Cluj Napoca airport. You will have a FREE guided tour in the city, depending on your flight hours. Later on, transfer to Rimetea.

We set out from the village of Rimetea. The trail is slightly but constantly rising, on your right you have  a magnificient forest, on your left you have unobstructed views of the piatra Secuiului rock formation. This is one of the finest views of Transylvania. Around us there are large beech trees, ancient forests, abandoned pastures, occasionally you see one or two cattle/sheep herds grazing and a very nice views in all directions. We descend to the neighbouring village of Coltesti, where you can include s visit to the ruins of Coltesti Fortress.  It is a particularly beautiful hike in the autumn when the beech and maple trees are turning different shades of red, orange, and yellow. Any time of the year, hikers can enjoy the magnificent views of the sheer cliffs on the opposite side of the valley, with the nice village nestled int he middle. (Easy hike. Duration: 5-6 hours. Length: 11 km. Altitude up 400 m, down: 400 m. )

This walk be easily combined with walk No. 1 and walk No. 3.



2020 July 31 – 2020 August 4


380 €


Gál Levente

Walk time

6-7 hours


7 km


700 meters up and 700 down

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